Regina Parties: Ideas For A Themed Party

Author: Kasan Groupe

Are you thinking about having a party but it's not your birthday or a celebrated holiday? Do you just want something fun to do with a house full of your friends? Well here are some themed party ideas for when you are looking to have some good old fashioned fun. Keep in mind that you have to be creative and you must go shopping. Parties are no fun without props, snacks, and surprises.

Poker Party

Why not throw a poker party. Okay, if you happen to be a group of uncoordinated girls who just want to play some cards, so be it. Play Go Fish by all means. But, you may want to spice up the basement a little bit with an Octagon poker table, poker chips, and an automatic card shuffler. Who says you need to smoke cigars to have fun? Create your own, modified poker tournament for a night of fun with the ladies. Be sure to include some snacks and beer in between all the betting.

Art Party

Why not get your artsy fartsy friends together for a night of exciting art games. You can act out and play Sharades or get an easel and play Pictionary. Creativity and laughter makes for a fun night. You can play other creatively artistic games such as Cranium or Scrabble to mix it up.

Celebrity Party

It may seem a bit elementary, but people actually have a blast when they dress up as stars. Whether it be your co-workers birthday or your sister-in-laws bachelorette party, get on some bar stools and dance like your Drew Barrymore. Having a themed, celebrity party is a great way to add some spice to a house filled with rowdy, drunk guests. Add some flair and make it a specific themed celebrity such as batman or the 50's. Believe me, decade parties are to die for.

When you run out of party ideas think about themes, underwater, celebrity, decades, games, art, and more. The possibilities never end!

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