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Will you get married with your lover in a few days? Now in my opinion, the most important thing is to choose a beautiful and suitable wedding dress. But do you know why all the people who would get married are going to buy wedding dress? Do you know the origin of wedding dress?

There is a romantic story of wedding dress. In the 15s, Ireland royalty loved hunting. One day, when they went to a small town for hunting, which is in the north of Ireland, they met a girl named Miss Rose ,she is so beautiful that Richard Earl fell in love with her at the first sight, and Miss Rose also attracted by Richard's handsome .So they fell in love each other .But the royalty disagreed with their marriage. In order to make Richard gave up the idea forever.

They figured out an idea: they demanded Rose make a long dress in one a night. All royalty and Richard thought that was impossible. But Rose thought it was easy, she cooperated with all the people in town and they made out a long wedding dress in one night that was 16 meters long.

The royalty were moved by her intelligence. They performed a fairy tale wedding ceremony.

What a clever girl and what a romantic story! Were not for her efforts, she and Richard would not have lived a happiness life, and they would be sad all their life. But through Rose's efforts, the misery did not happen.

In memory of their love story and in the expectancy of a happy life just like Rose and Richard had, people began to wear the wedding dress designed like Rose did which had a long train and innocent ivory white color. OVer hundreds years of development the original style of wedding dress has changed a lot and so does the color for the wedding dress.

Now the brides-to-be have more choice when picking out the wedding dress, they can choose to wear a prom wedding dress, a line wedding dress, the ballroom wedding dress strap wedding dress and the strapless. As for the colors, there are pure white, ivory white, pink and any other colors that you want to wear. Though the fashion is always on changing, but the meaning in the wedding dress for a happy life will remain unchanged.

In my opinion, the wedding day is just the beginning of happiness, especially for the girls, new things stand for good fortune and success .What you have on the wedding ceremony could bring fortune to your life .so choosing a beautiful wedding dress is very important. From that day on both of them will have their own duty. It bears the weight of the hope of happiness, including parents and girls. All the parents hope their children will lead a happy life.

In western countries, the color of wedding dress is white, because they think white stands for the purity and loyalty, but in China people always like red, because they think red is the symbol of auspicious omen and happiness. Red could scare the ghost away. But as more and more western customs are accepted by the young Chinese, the Chinese brides began to wear the white wedding dress on their big day rather than the traditional red Qipao.

You will married with your lover in case in a few days later , quickly choosing your wedding gown. Pease choose your wedding dress carefully because it is the symbol of happiness

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Mabel is a dedicated reviewer for fashion, especially in the designing of wedding dresses and sleepwears. Wedding dresses from China have become people's favored choice in recent years. Mabel aims to offer her useful advice when you are shopping for the China products.

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