Regina Tips For Retirement Saving

NC)-The key to having a financial future is to get started planning and saving no matter your age or the amount of money you have.

  1. Find a professional financial advisor, at your bank or at a financial planning organization, whether you have $25 or $250. You just need to get started with a plan for your retirement goals whether that time is 10 or 30 years away.

  2. Stick to the plan that you and your advisor develop together. Then meet with your advisor at least once a year to ensure your plan is relevant or if it needs updating.

  3. Contribute each month to your retirement savings account. The amount can be $5 or $50, but every cent counts.

  4. Check your financial health against what other Canadians think at

Your advisor is your financial coach. Remember, you can retire from work but not from investing.

- News Canada

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