Glencairn, Glen Elm - Regina, Saskatchewan neighbourhoods and nearby communities

This community is east of Park Street, past the Ross Industrial Park, and north of Victoria Ave. The area has quiet streets and is home to the Dunlop Art Gallery.


The community has four public elementary schools and a Catholic school, a public library, as well as FW Johnson High School. While there are no colleges or universities in the community, they are readily accessible from here.


Shoppers generally head to the Victoria Square shopping centre to the south, with its "category killer" stores.


The community has numerous parks, and includes the Rothwell Fields (west of the Ring Road) and an ice arena. To the east, on Eastgate Road is Maxwell's amusements, which has a number of arcade amusements as well as a waterslide park.


The area is mostly medium-priced 3-bedroom bungalows and split-level homes. There is also some multiple housing & condos, and a large mobile home court. House prices in Glen Elm range from $24,000 to $88,000, in Glencairn homes range from $25,000 to $155,000, and in Parkridge from $86,000 to $128,000.

Community Map