ochdale, Lakeridge - Regina, Saskatchewan neighbourhoods and nearby communities

Regina Public Library-Sherwood Village

Some of the newest communities in north west Regina are north of Rochdale Ave, and include Rochdale, Male Ridge, Lakewood and Lake Ridge. These communities are built around artificial lakes, unique to this end of Regina. These communities are architecturally controlled, with guidelines regarding the streetscape, home size and even home colours.


The community has a public elementary school and a Catholic school, and the two high schools are at the southeast corner of the community across Rochdale, with a public library in Sherwood Village Mall.


Shoppers generally head to either Rochdale Crossing to the south, or a bit further Normandview Mall or Northgate Mall.


The community has a number of parks, including several built around three man-made lakes, and has both a Leisure Centre and an ice arena. Joanne Goulet Golf Course is to the southwest and the Regent Park Par 3 course is a kilometre south.


The houses in these neighbourhoods are generally detached, with some apartments and town houses. House prices in Rochdale Park range from $75,000 to $120,000, in Maple Ridge range from $85,000 to $153,000, in Lakewood range from $99,000 to $150,000, and in Lakeridge homes range from $130,000 to $300,000.

Community Map