Regina Immigrating to Canada: Working In Canada

Working in Canada
Foreign individuals who wish to work, study or visit Canada on a temporary basis are considered Visitors. Visitors must apply for and be granted Visitor Visas, unless they are citizens of visa-exempt countries (USA, Western Europe, British Commonwealth, for starters). Those wishing to work temporarily in Canada will also often require Employment Authorizations (and htose wishing to study temporarily will need a Student Authorization). NOTE: Visitors will be denied entry into Canada if, in the opinion of a Canadian immigration official at the border or airport:

Moving to Canada

To determine your suitability for landed immigrant status or a work permit, A questionaire is used. This test is used to determine a ranking of all applications, and evaluate their relative worthiness.

Of course, in this era of fiscal responsibility, you will need to pay fees for each service you require. the intent is to make immigration a revenue-neutral service of the government (ie user-pay).

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