Regina School Board Trustees

There are two school boards with jurisdiction in the Regina are: Regina School Board (#4), and the Regina Catholic School Board (#81).

Regina Public School Board's offices are at 1600 4th Ave. Regina Saskatchewan, S4R 8C8 (1-306-791-8200).

The trustees (as of October 25, 2006) are:



E-mail Address


Subdivision 1Russ Marchuk
[email protected](res) 789-2319
(bus) 539-8126
Subdivision 2Dr. Barbara Young [email protected] (res) 584-2040
Subdivision 3Dale West Dale West(res) 586-4668
Subdivision 4Rhonda Parisian [email protected](res) 545-3483
Subdivision 5Dr. J.F. (John) Conway [email protected](bus) 585-4052
(res) 525-1293
(fax) 585-4815
Subdivision 6Barb Saylor [email protected] res) 543-6119
Subdivision 7Garry Schenher [email protected](res) 789-7214 (res)

The Regina Catholic School Board has its offices at at 2160 Cameron Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4T 2V6 The Board can be reached by phone: 306-791-7200 or by fax: 306-347-7699

The trustees are: NOTE: We hope all Catholic ratepayers ask their school board to provide a means to communicate with their elected trustees and senior administrators, via the Board's web site.

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