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Aerobics is exercising to music, usually in a group called a "class". The sport exploded in the late 1970s to become one of Canadian's favorite forms of exercise. The popularity of aerobics has also transformed this into a competitive sport. Aerobics continues to be a popular and effective way to get into--and stay in--shape. Woman in aerobics class

When starting aerobics, its easy to get discouraged: its tough and you feel like a clumsy klutz. Hang in. You'll see an improvement very quickly, and its addictive. The sport helps to tone your body in a manner that flatters both sexes.

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Aerobics has a minimal start up cost. For your first aerobics class, you'll need some work-out clothing and athletic shoes. Many also bring a water bottle and a hand towel (or a sweat band) to dry yourself after your workout. Oh yes, expect to shower afterwards.

For aerobics, invest in spandex workout wear or shorts. Spandex is a synthetic fabric that breathes well, and also keeps its shape (and yours). For footwear, get cross-trainers or aerobic-specific shoes, to give a sturdy footing during the various step combinations.

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Most health clubs, gyms, community activity centres (even the university and colleges) offer aerobics classes. After you decide where to take your classes, select a level (most people should start with a beginners class). You can also do aerobics at home, with a good selection of TV programs or workout videos available for rent or sale. If you are considering a home workout, check with your physician about any health concerns.

If you can't find any nearby classes, call Regina Parks and Recreation office at (306) 777-7000 or a health club for suggestions.

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