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When it comes time to get a set of new tires, drivers have a lot of options. You can return to your dealership, which will replace worn tires with original-equipment tires, which may cost twice as much as going to the local shop down the street.

You might consider buying at a discount tire retailer or wholesale tire distributors, who sell tires at extreme discounts. They are often just a phone call or a mouse click away, and the tires are shipped to your door. It is up to the consumer to find a local shop to balance and mount the tires. If you are highly knowledgeable (or manage to get the exact tires originally installed on your vehicle) and prepared to install them yourself this may be a good option. For some exclusive or hard-to-find tires, this may be the only option.

If not, you are better off buying tires from a dealer who can provide a variety of brands and models, and has well-trained staff to help you select the right tire for your vehicle and driving needs. Independent dealers, not affiliated with (or owned by) one tire manufacturer, sell 50% of all tires in North America.

Visit different dealers and compare prices before finalizing your decision. Quoted price would include installation, balancing and new valve stems. Installation can add another $100 or so to your bill. Stores that offer really inexpensive tires often compensate by charging more for labour. Some large chains may try to up-sell you or buying non-essential (non-tire) parts, to make up for their discounted tire pricing.

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